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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Had a whole load of Broccolli to use up - so made soup.

Brocolli Soup

2 Onions - finely dice and saute in
2 tbsp Olive Oil.

Crush 2 cloves Garlic and add to onion.

1 medium potato - dice and stir into onion/garlic mix.

Cut the stalks of 3 heads of Broccolli and add to pot.

Cook for a few more minutes, stirring to prevent sticking.

500ml boiling water, plus 2 tsp Vecon stock powder.

Add to pan, bring back to the boil.

Take the rest of the Broccolli, cut into small-ish florets, and add to pan. Stir well. Add a little more boiling water if necessary. Cover and cook until all veg tender but *do not* overcook the broccolli :-)

Serve as desired - we ate it with a couple of tsps of home grown sprouts (sunflower and chickpea, since you wonder :-) on the top.

Very, very scrummy and between the five of us averaged 6 portions of veg each. No problems getting to the 10 portions yesterday.


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