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Saturday, March 05, 2005


New Waldorf books arrived by GPS. Came nearly a week ago, but have only had the most cursory of inspections.

Feel a bit ashamed admitting that...

Other reading - well I found a lovely new blog to look at


Has inspired me to take DD1 to the charity shops in search of wool for her projects. We bought 4 big jumpers for a pound each in Oxfam yesterday. That should keep her in knitting wool for a while, lol.

Reading though - one of my favourite 'sites is Knitty ( One day I may even get around to making one or two of the things on there. Need to practise more with the knitting first.

Books - well I've reread Wives of Bath again. Formulaic 'chick lit' but Ok for getting your head down with.

Spent a large chunk of Thursday am at the local childrens library - came out with several interesting books including lots of farm stories to feed into DD1's next main lesson theme. Also bought a copy of The Widows Broom by Chris Van Allsburg from the ex-catalogue shelf. The illustrations are wonderful and a heartwarming story to boot.

Off until tomorrow - or there abouts.


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