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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


And whilst I'm at it, this 'updating' lark, here is what was cooked for lunch today

2 small onions
1 medium potato
2 carrots
1/3 head savoy cabbage
1 handful oats
1 tin chickpeas in water
50ml - ish soya milk
3 tomatoes, diced

Chop onion small, dice potato, slice carrots and cabbage.

fry off onions in pan, then add in potato. Add the soya milk and stir then the oats. simmer for a little while. Then add in chickpeas inc. water (hence why *not* using salted can!!). Cover and cook out for a bit, stirring to make sure that oats don't stick. Then add in carrots, cook for 5 mins more, and then cabbage. Stir together well and add another bit of water if ness., but shouldn't be if all done over a fairly low heat. Turn off stove and stir in the tomatoes. Leave to stand for a bit (as is fairly heat retaining due to oats and soya).

Enough for a bowl each, and another half portion for me and the DDs. Cabbage barely cooked and the tomato still nice and raw :-)

For pudding we are going to have canned pineapple - in a real using things from the storecupboard mood today - and maybe a swirl of cashew creme for me.


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