Reading and Recipes

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Don't estate agents websites make great fiction :-) Well, they are based in fact like all the best stories. And we can build our own stories around them. The gardens, the space, what we would do to that ghastly wallpaper.

What is it about wallpaper? Can anyone explain why whatever is in our price bracket has the sort of wallpaper that would be impossible to live with or even just paint over?

So to counteract the depression of receiving .pdf files from agents, rather than nice hard copies that are easier to look at (well, for starters they are in my hand, can't print anything as my printers having an off week!); I've been re-reading The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan. A bit of a romp through fantasy land, but a good read. Very much in the same style as Raymond Fiest or Janny Wurts. Definitely a recommendation :-)

Other reading: along with Detox Your World, by Shazzie (and her Detox Delights book as well). More info on that one (as well as other required reading on the Raw factor) at her website

I'm aware that this blog is taking a slightly chattier turn than just reading or recipes. But normal service will be resumed asap. I'm starting to draft a 6 week vegan/veggie meal plan so some of that will be ending up here. But I'm off to peruse the online book stores and find some nice new reading matter :-)