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Saturday, August 04, 2007


In common with much of the world I've read the final harry potter book. Actually I allowed myself to be dragged to a midnight collection (lol) and then proceeded to finish the book off by saturday evening. Allowing for a few hours sleep and a visit to a friends housewarming, I think it took me five hours in all.

I've also spent too much money on other books in the last few weeks - How to live off grid, by nick rosen is proving interesting; although as I've come accross a few of those he writes about on various forum 'sites I don't recognise some of the people he portrays them as, sigh!

I've also re-read a whole slew of Jilly Coopers, a couple of the Janny Wurts, and am just coming to the end of my second reading of 'Voice of the Gods' by Trudi Canavan. This book concludes the 'Age of the Five' trilogy. I'm hoping that there will be some more new things from her soon :-)

Visit today to GB Shaws house at Ayot st Peter, interesting in a way, and very similar to Down house, just rather smaller. Turns out that they don't have a copy of the vegetarian cookbook authored by the Shaws housekeeper, but I'm not volunteering my copy....


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