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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Spending far too much time online today (I have a headache and short temper so better that my children don't suffer me!!).

Anyway - it gives me another suggestion for reading material :-)

Subject matter is a young mans pathway to being vegan. I found it through posts on the veganfittness forum (yes I know, not the best fit for me, the overweight vegan, but its suprising what motivation you can find from being around those who are! Its certainly getting me out on the bike, off on the redways to run, and back walking places again and so, hopefully, breaking the car habit in the children and myself once again (see posts about our time in Royston and how often we walked when there :-) You might have to hunt accross my blogs for that one! ).

Anyway - the link I want you to follow (and return to!) is

It is looking promising so far :-)


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