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Monday, November 10, 2008


Opps, I managed to go another month...

Anyway - I've done a *lot* of reading. Apart from the annual 'read all the magazine articles about 'doing' christmas and picking the recipes etc to pieces to veganise those worth doing (suprisingly few, but I have come up with a couple of new ideas for cake and pudding that work better than the ideas of previous years, yay! - of which more will be revealed later :-) )' I've also worked my way through a large pile of 'green/climatechange' books (and not all are 'we're going to hell in a handcart' thankfully) and been reading some new websites (the content of some is, well, not very green at all, but darn good reading) and finding some lovely podcasts. So many that to talk about them all would mean I needed to do a name change - 'listening, reading and recipes' anyone?

Anyway... I don't digress, but I'll get to the point. First book worth a mention is Sold Out! How I survived a year of not shopping, by Robert Llewellyn. If you don't know the name, then maybe you'll know him as Kryten, late of Naylor/Grant production 'Red Drawf'? Host of recycling show 'Scrap Heap Challenge' he spent a year writing about 'not buying' in a column for The Ecologist magazine, and this book is also a result (and *not* a direct lift of the columns, which is pretty unusual in this sort of book - yay to him for not taking the easy option :-). I even went out and bought it (and annoyingly found the following week, that if I hadn't been so keen I could have waited until this Wednesday coming and bought it *and* met the man himself! Waterstones in Milton Keynes if anyone out there wants to know about it).

Second reading item of note, is the new issue of Craft: you can buy it in the UK for a scary price... or subscribe to the online version for lots and lots less (so if anyone wants to buy me a present ;-). This issue has lots about Weaving, plus the usual run of recycle-based projects. Months of things to do for all :-)

Third reading item... well, this one is definately 'online'. is all about Formula one. It has various attached podcasts and things, but I got drawn in because DP found it one day when looking for how to 'catch up' on the races he missed due to working weekends. Anyway - they've started doing a 'gameshow' on live feed one evening a week; and that makes for anarchic listening/viewing 'live' or you can poddle along later and listen to the edited version.

And that is it for today. I may or not be back with a recipe later....


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