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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Quick and dirty this one...

Bread... lovely lovely bread.

Small loaf - bake into your favourite shape and enjoy :-)

500g Malthouse flour (for those in the UK, I like the Doves farm one)
2Tbsp shelled hemp seeds
2Tbsp Ex. Virgin Olive Oil
2 tsp yeast - active dried for ease.
Fat to grease tin if using, plus extra flour for dusting/tin.
Water to mix. usually around 400ml, but sometimes more sometimes less.

Flour, yeast and hemp seeds into a bowl and mix together. Add oil and mix well. Then add water 200ml at first, then the rest gradually until dough is firm, springy and *slightly* damp/sticky and forms a neat ball. Knead, knead and knead again. Finally will be slightly more sticky (you may need to dust occasionally with a little flour).

Then turn over dough and leave to rise - at least an hour, but we leave it for around 2 or 3.

If using, grease tin, and then dust over flour.

Knock dough back and gently knead again. Shape and place in tin... alternatively split into 8 balls and shape as rolls. Let rise again, 30mins is enough, but longer is fine.

Turn on oven to 200 Celcius. Put in loaf and cook for 10 mins, then turn temperature down to 180C (you'll keep the higher temp long enough) and continue to bake the rolls for a further 15m (but check the hollow sound) and the loaf for between another 15 and 30 (it depends on all sorts of factors, sorry).

Let loaf cool in tin for c. 30 mins then turn out so you avoid condensation.

Let it cool longer if you can... yeah right... eat warm with slatherings of your favourite spread... chilli sauce is lovely :-)

Alternatives for the loaf - knead through 3Tbsp of tomato puree or sundried tomato paste between the risings, until you get a ribbon effect :-)


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