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Monday, June 08, 2009

New books

I have a large pile of books to read - courtesy of my birthday last week, and of today's trip to the library. Eek!

DP gave me Terry Pratchett's Nation, which I have yet to broach the cover of (vrf) as I was reading the other book he gave me - Secrets, by Freya North. Just the same as ever there (predictable etc etc 'chick' lit, whilst actually being well written and featuring characters who actually talk to each other, know things and work hard :-) ). She has a website - - where the books each have a synopsis, and some have a 'what happened next' section as well.

The other thing that has happened is that the bookshelves are up! well, on the half landing wall anyway. So several boxes of books have finally been unpacked, and I'm finding myself catching up and rereading a whole lot of stuff that I've not seen in a couple of years. As are the children :-) DP didn't entirely believe that I could have read all of them, and indeed I haven't as around 2 meters of shelf is taken up with his books many of which aren't to my taste... although I may *have* to read them now just to, um, make a liar of him. But 2ish metres out of over 20m unread by me isn't bad going really.

Only the rest of the house to bookcase now and, oh, maybe another 10ish boxes of books to find homes for on those shelves.....


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