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Friday, March 18, 2005


This was yesterdays pair of culinary offerings. I used the leftovers from both meals, plus a handfull of soya mince to form lunch today as well. Both these recipes will serve 4 with a left over portion or two, which will freeze or refridgerate well.

Winter Soup

1/2 swede
4 smallish onions
1 carrot
1 400g ish can chick peas, rinsed
1 400g ish can butter beans,rinsed
about 500ml water, but add to desired consistency.

Slice and fry onions for 5 mins then add chopped carrot. Cut swede into 1cm ish pieces and fry through. Pour in around 500ml water and cover, leave to simmer until swede cooked. Add beans and chick peas, and any more water if ness to prevent sticking. Heat through.

I served this with rosemary bread, which we had bought this past weekend at the Mansion Market (see for details).

'Old' mushroom stew.

Remains of a large punnet of mushrooms (was around 400g)
4 smallish onions
1 large sweet potato
1 400g can red kidney beans (buy the budget ones without salt unless you are cooking your own, in which case reserve around 100ml cooking water)

Finely chop the onions, fry off. Then finely cut the sweetpotato. (I used a peeler to get thin slices then chopped them accross. It really helps to get this veg fine as it then melts down somewhat in the cooking process). Add to the pan and stir through and add water to cover. Cook for around 15 mins, then add the red kidney beans (inc. the water in the can, assuming no salt used, or the reserved cooking water). Cover and leave to simmer as you chop up the mushrooms. Add these as you go along say, 4/5 mushrooms worth at a time. Once al the mushrooms are in stir well and cover, cook for a further 10 mins (or until you are happy with the consistency) then *leaving the lid on* turn off the heat and leave to stand for around 30min, or until you are ready to eat.

We served this over long grain brown rice. Allow around a handful per person and a little more and just cook it. In a pan this will take about 30 mins, I do it in a rice cooker and it takes a little less.



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