Reading and Recipes

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Getting down the stockpile.

Using up the cupboard, lol.

Yellow Split peas tonight.

What was left of the packet (about 300g) in water and got underway. Fine cube of two potatoes (about 150g) and two small onions (again, around 150g). And add to water plus yellow split peas.

Cooked for about 30 minutes, until most of the water was absorbed. Was a little bland so stirred through 2 tsp stock powder.

Served with lettuce and cucumber salad (tear up lettuce, cube 1/2 cucumber, stir together with 1tbsp each olive oil and vinegar (used red wine as had that in cupboard). Black pepper on top.

The soup wilted the salad rather nicely. Children still eating and will update with what they thought later.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Had a whole load of Broccolli to use up - so made soup.

Brocolli Soup

2 Onions - finely dice and saute in
2 tbsp Olive Oil.

Crush 2 cloves Garlic and add to onion.

1 medium potato - dice and stir into onion/garlic mix.

Cut the stalks of 3 heads of Broccolli and add to pot.

Cook for a few more minutes, stirring to prevent sticking.

500ml boiling water, plus 2 tsp Vecon stock powder.

Add to pan, bring back to the boil.

Take the rest of the Broccolli, cut into small-ish florets, and add to pan. Stir well. Add a little more boiling water if necessary. Cover and cook until all veg tender but *do not* overcook the broccolli :-)

Serve as desired - we ate it with a couple of tsps of home grown sprouts (sunflower and chickpea, since you wonder :-) on the top.

Very, very scrummy and between the five of us averaged 6 portions of veg each. No problems getting to the 10 portions yesterday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Last few days - Mothering (a US magazine), re-reading Juno (UK alt. mag, OK and getting better but a little lightweight by comparison to The Mother) and Living Etc. (UK based homes and interiors magazine). Also the usual papers (Independent, Guardian occasionally... got a bit too mouthpiece recently, Mail or Express if there's one lying around in a cafe when we're out and about). And far too much time spent on the various yahoogroups I subscribe to, and on which is a lovely community and so easy to spend time on.